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Our Commitment to Minimize Exposure

The health of our clients, clinicians, and community is of utmost importance to us.  We have implemented guidelines outlined by the CDC and state health department to ensure reduced risk of spreading coronavirus and improved safety from virus contagion. 


Precautions taken prior to in-person therapy sessions: 

  • Informed, signed consent obtained from each client for strict adherence to expectations  

  • Symptom screener completed prior to each session (same-day) to confirm that client and all individuals residing in the client’s home have no new onset of symptoms or possible exposure to an individual with COVID-19

Precautions taken during in-person therapy sessions: 

  • Plastic face shield and cloth or surgical mask are worn by clinician, unless removal is absolutely necessary for treatment

  • Temperature of each client is taken upon arrival 

  • All materials, including but not limited to face shield and writing utensils, will be disinfected immediately following the session

  • Materials available during the session will be limited to those absolutely necessary for treatment 

  • Clinician will sanitize hands prior to the start of the session, as indicated throughout the session, and immediately following the session

  • A maximum of one additional family member will be present in the room where treatment is occurring

  • All individuals over the age of two will wear a mask unless removal of the mask is absolutely necessary for treatment

  • A distance of 6 feet will be maintained and no physical contact will occur, unless absolutely necessary for treatment

  • When physical cues are absolutely necessary, gloves will be worn for all direct client contact 

  • When a face shield or mask must be removed or a physical cue must be provided for treatment, all factors will be considered in order to provide the lowest possible risk of exposure to both the client and clinician

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